When input element is clicked how do I select it in workflow?


When an element is clicked how can I select the input element as an option instead of text in the workflow ?

Here what I have done right now https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=index&id=why1234&tab=tabs-1

I search around the forum and I couldn’t find a way to access input element with the text element.

Hope someone can help me.



Not sure I understand your question but your link doesn’t work for me…

Hey @cowontherun, When I go on workflow and click “when an element is click” it gave me the option of using the input element but now it just gives me access to text element.

I fixed it, it was on private mode I changed so that anyone can edit it.

This is because you can’t click an input field. But you can click a button.

So put a button after your input field and put your action on the button.

How can I do that?

I could access the input element last night then suddenly it didn’t provide the option again

Could anyone help me?

There’s an option for, “When this Input’s value has changed”

That’s the only way I know of using an Input element as part of a workflow

Thank you @andrewgassen, it worked. Is there any way for the page to load at the same time instead of the input element loading faster than the text element?

Browsers draw elements as they do, depending on which browser and your internet speed. When I loaded, everything showed up at once. Using latest Chrome on Windows 10 desktop.

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