Where is "The email is already in use" popup


There is this inbuilt functionality which prompts that an email already exists when signing up. Where is it in the code. I have a username field as well and would like to use the same logic at the same place to check the username exists.

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You will need to build it into the username element as a condition (or some other method), so if the Username already exists the field is highlighted and a message (text with condition) shows.

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Thanks Nigel for always coming to the rescue.

I think this “USED_EMAIL” action or variable is being called leading to the “This email already in use:” popup to appear. Do you know where the USED_EMAIL is called from the signup component? So that I can try tweaking it ?

I think that is just the text, I don’t believe there is a way to “tweak” the signup as it is a bubble internal thing.

You could email support and ask ?

What re you trying to tweak? The design? This is using the browser standard alert window so can’t be customized.

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@emmanuel I just wanted to add a username field along with the email address and password fields when signing up. In my application, I prefer username being displayed over email just like this forum I guess. I want the SAME popup alert (as of “email already in use” )to be displayed if the username is taken.

I think I have to build a separate popup then.

Yes, you can build your own popup.

bro i’m trying with this error and i didn’t get this…
please can u send me this code i need this popup error as displaying in my project.
i was getting only a text error and i need to convert this as a pop up.
please share me this source code.

Hi there @ansar444a,

You just need to use this WF action: General Events - Bubble Docs