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Where is "The email is already in use" popup


There is this inbuilt functionality which prompts that an email already exists when signing up. Where is it in the code. I have a username field as well and would like to use the same logic at the same place to check the username exists.

You will need to build it into the username element as a condition (or some other method), so if the Username already exists the field is highlighted and a message (text with condition) shows.

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Thanks Nigel for always coming to the rescue.

I think this “USED_EMAIL” action or variable is being called leading to the “This email already in use:” popup to appear. Do you know where the USED_EMAIL is called from the signup component? So that I can try tweaking it ?

I think that is just the text, I don’t believe there is a way to “tweak” the signup as it is a bubble internal thing.

You could email support and ask ?

What re you trying to tweak? The design? This is using the browser standard alert window so can’t be customized.

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@emmanuel I just wanted to add a username field along with the email address and password fields when signing up. In my application, I prefer username being displayed over email just like this forum I guess. I want the SAME popup alert (as of “email already in use” )to be displayed if the username is taken.

I think I have to build a separate popup then.

Yes, you can build your own popup.