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Where to check emails for domain connected to Bubble app

I’ve linked my domain to my Bubble app, and have also connected SendGrid for notification emails.

But where and how can I connect and check emails for my domain?

Emails like [email protected], etc.


Hey @Buddha :wave:

Thanks for the post and great question!

By default, connecting a domain to Bubble doesn’t provide a way to check the emails that are being received by that address or domain. But, it’s certainly possible to set this up. Depending on who your email host is, you could integrate with them through their API to display and interact with received emails. To do this, you’d either want to find a plugin that integrates with that service, or use our API connector plugin to build out the integration yourself.

Also worth mentioning that Sendgrid offers an inbound parse webhook you could use to set up some automations or data collection with in your app.

Give those a look and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can assist with any additional questions. You can reach us directly at [email protected]

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