Inbox email addresses for app users

I am looking for a way to create email addresses for my app users (i.e where they can receive email and then save the incoming mail and display the html. What would be the best way to approach this? Are there any services available i could use via api?

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Hey @d9999! Thanks for reaching out and great question.

It’s certainly possible to verify your domain with a service like SendGrid or SendinBlue so you can send from any email address on that domain. You might reach out to these services to see if they offer webhooks or an api for receiving replies back and getting them back into your app. Unfortunately, I’m not personally familiar with if they offer that particular functionality or not. It’s worth checking for sure.

To my knowledge, to build out what you’re trying to do, it might almost make sense to partner with an email host of some kind (potentially Office365 or GSuite). The benefit of doing something like this is you could create accounts for each user and let them OAuth into your app. You could build out an integration with their inbox then to display and allow users to interact with any incoming mail as a result of their sent emails.

If you have any additional questions! Don’t hesitate to reach out to - We’re happy to help!

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Hi @AndrewV ! Great idea. Just did some research and found this: Setting Up The Inbound Parse Webhook | Twilio

As you’re probably aware, SendGrid is great at sending your email, but SendGrid can also help you process email using the Inbound Parse Webhook. The Inbound Parse Webhook processes all incoming email for a domain or subdomain, parses the contents and attachments then POSTs multipart/form-data to a URL that you choose.

so that would be an option it seems

Thanks for the help!

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