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Which is the best font in bubble?

Does anyone know which is the best font that is similar to the one below, or where I could find the list of the fonts for better view.

From inspecting the page, I think that font is called “Whitney” and is available to purchase here:

And similar fonts on Adobe Typekit are: Museo Sans, FF Dagny, FF Meta, or Ratio


How about in the font options in bubble, is there anything that is similar. I have been looking one by one and was hoping if someone else spotted something close.

Ohh! Hmm… I just did some googling and Reddit says Open Sans (which Bubble has) may be a good alternative? :slight_smile: I think Open Sans Regular looks great!

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Side by Side (Open Sans Regular in Bubble on Left, Stripe’s Whitney on right) :+1:


Raleway is somewhat similar to Whitney.

In terms of other good typefaces, check out:

Arimo (only 2 styles)