Why is debug mode disappearing in the url string?

I am finalizing a very complex multi-step form. I needed to debug the steps, so I tried to add the debug_mode=true to the url and it redirects to the page without that in the url.

It works in one Chrome profile but not my testing one. I need it to work in that one because I don’t want to clear all the info in my developer profile.

This is the exact situation - post from 2019 that indicates this is a bug.

What is going on here?

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Just to be sure - don’t you forget the question mark (?debug_mode=true) or ampersand if there are several parameters within your url (?first_param=x&debug_mode=true)?

Are you logged in to Bubble in the testing profile? If no - debugger will not be available

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You were right, I was able to debug once logged in. Thank you!

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