Debugger Redirecting to No Debugger

When previewing my app, I get the “/version-test?debug_mode=true” in my URL, but then it auto-redirects to just “/version-test” with no debug. Chrome doesn’t want to keep debug mode on. Is there a setting that I am missing? This just started happening within the hour.

Same issue here on Safari. This problem has always been there but could be resolved by erasing browsing data. But now, nothing to do it just won’t fix it.

When I preview my app I get a message in the console : User not logged in and cannot view this app in the editor - cannot see debugger
with a link:

Be sure to be logged and on .io and not .is
Maybe this can help

Checked that… It seems that I’m not the only one experiencing this since the last few hours. Is it working on your side?

We’re deploying a fix now


Debugger’s back!!! I didn’t even logged-out/in, clear data…

Thanks @josh

I’m still getting redirected. I created a fresh app and still redirecting to no debug on preview.

Seems to affect Chrome, works in Edge at least.

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