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Property Editor not opening in the Workflows tab


When in the workflows tab, I’m noticing the property editor not appearing or popping up as expected when creating workflow steps.
I recently have to go back out to the design tab click on the element (button etc. that I want the workflow for) once the workflow opens click the step hope the property editor opens and if not do this again.

Anyone else having this issue?

I only noticed this after getting the new responsive engine which may be a coincidence?

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Yes this is a known issue - seems to have plagued Bubble for years and here’s a recent thread with Bubble Support actually commenting acknowledging the issue and the fact that they’ve even experienced it themselves, which is great!

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Hi @juicebox
That’s good to know, I wasn’t sure if was just me lol For a minute I even thought it could be because of internet connectivity. Thanks for sharing the link and I’m glad they are trying to squash it :wink:

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