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Workflow actions refuse to open

I don’t know if it’s my being stupid or if it’s a bug, has anyone ecountered anything similar?

I click on actions, but no parameters show up. Sometimes reloading helps, but this time I tried both clearing the cache, loging out/in, etc., nothing is helping.


Hey @vovazk
It seems like other people have this problem as well.

I think you should file a bug report to the Bubble team.

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Thank you, I’ll give it a try. That’s really annoying :frowning:

yes it happens on a daily basis and they cannot reproduce it.
although like 100 power users know of it.
very annoying.

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  • 1 for this behavior. Filing a bug report

I’m not sure this is the same issue. I’ve had something similar happen multiple times a day as well, but its not the same as this issue. In that other case, you see no workflow properties window load at all. There is a solution for that other issue which is to click on the parent workflow (not the steps inside) to get the properties window to show up.

In this case, that trick doesn’t work. Also the workflow properties window does seem to load partially when you click on a step. However, it is just the title bar of the window, which looks very ‘short’. I’ve not experienced something like this, myself–maybe I’m not enough of a ‘power user’ though :slight_smile:

Just discovered a workaround, which hopefully will work for others. Navigating to the ‘design’ tab, then opening the properties window of a page element, then navigating back to the ‘workflows’ tab seems to remedy this issue.


Yeah when it happens, it won’t let me click anything

This happens to me all the time.
The way to make it work again I found out is to click an action, go to the “Data” tab and come back to workflows and it magically starts working …

Never reported this because it’s very hard to reproduce and figured I would get an empty answer from Bubble.

Yeah happens on a daily!

I just close out of the editor and open back in. Works but it does get a little annoying

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