Login / File Upload - help needed

Hi all

Question 1: I’ve set up a pretty standard Sign-Up/Login Process in an Application. Once a user has logged in, I only want to change some parts of the initial Index page, e.g. replace the “Login” Button with an Icon showing the user that she/he is logged in.

Can someone please explain to me how this works? Do I need to create a new page and then re-direct the user to this page? Or is there a “leaner” solution?

Question 2: I created a file upload field - once a user has uploaded a file, how can I basically change the options shown to the usere, e.g., show the user the possibility to “delete” or “add” another document?

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  1. https://bubble.io/videos watch the video on conditionals. You have to create conditional “Current User is logged in/is not logged in”

There is also a lesson on that if I’m not mistaken :thinking:

  1. have a look at this
    1. you can do using conditionals for each element if it’s not much elements
  1. or you can do in workflow, show/hide element if you current user logged it
  1. you can create temporary buffer zone, and keep adding there and them add list of temporary uploaded files to item, then delete temprary files

display temporary files in Repeating group, add two icons, add and delete, edit workflow to delete current cell file

check out it here

hope it works
for delete you can

Thank you very much - it works pretty well with the conditional formatting.

Is there an elegant way to let the user edit/delete its profile inputs? So I want to provide the user with an option to have an overview of his/her inputs (like a dashboard) and also being able to edit or delete these inputs.

Furthermore, I created a Reusable Element (pop-up) but for some reason, I cannot chose this element when editing the Workflow of another Reusable Element (Header). Does anyone know how to fix this?

Many thanks in advance

regarding edit/delete - yes it can be done,

  1. create input where placeholder and initial content has dynamic link to the uploaded file,
  2. create new button edit
  3. create workflow for edit to make changes in uploaded file or make changes to the thing, on of this should work.

Regarding reusable elements,
do you mean you cannot triger element from another reusable element?
could you be more specific.


Hi Nurzhan, many thank - I’ll try the solution with the dycamic link.

Rgd the reusable elements: Yes that’s basically the problem. When I want to chose in the workflow “show element”…it doesn’t list the reusable element (but for some reasons other reusable elements are listed…).

Does anyone have an idea? :slight_smile:
Many thanks