Workflow to delete information from an input element

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I’m trying to create a simple functionality in bubble but unable to figure out how to do it. I have an input with a geographic address in it, and a trash icon next to it. If the user wants to clear the selection in the input tool, the user should be able to click on the trash icon and do this. (Image attached for reference).
How should I go about this? I have not been able to find any other posts in the forum.


They are there, just likely difficult to sort through all

Looks like the input and the trash icon are in the same group, so when you click the trash icon, use the workflow action to reset data on the group that contains both the input and the trash icon.

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You need to set the parent group type on the same input type. The initial content of input is parent group xxx
when you clic on icon, add an action to reset a group / popup on the parent group
You can also make change to current user to reset their desination


or you can create workflow action on tin of “reset relevant inputs” and can mention that input. it will reset that specific input.

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Thank you so much everyone, I combined the solutions you provided and finally understood what I was doing wrong. Summarizing the solution that worked for me:

Searchbox settings:


When the trash icon is clicked, the current user’s destination address 2 is updated to null (Step 1) by using the arbitrary text function. Then using the reset element on the parent group (step 2), and reset relevant inputs (step 3). I don’t want the searchbox to be displayed if it’s empty, so I added a conditional to hide the element if it’s empty (step 4).

You don’t need both, and in fact, step 3 is completely unnecessary here as it is not doing anything since you are not using the searchbox value in step 1. The only reason to use reset relevant inputs workflow action is if you had used an input value in a workflow action in prior steps. In your setup, you are not using the searchbox value in any prior steps so step 3 is not doing anything.

In my experience with developing in Bubble, I like to follow the same patterns to be consistent. In this situation, because the approach I outlined of resetting the container group data (which basically will clear all input values that are children elements of the parent container) works whether you used the inputs value in a prior step or not, I always just use that approach. Resetting a relevant input value only works if you used the inputs value in a prior step.

This is not necessary.

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