Workflow with API call only works in slow or step-by-step debug mode

Hi! I’m trying to build something like bookmark manager and I get this issue.
I have a following workflow:

  1. I have a form with url input and Group Preview with metadata elements like image, title and description.
  2. Once this form is open, js code is pasting url from clipboard if there is an url
  3. I make an API call to my vercel server with metadata scraper
  4. After that I’m displaying result of step 3 in Group Preview

This workflow only works in slow or step-by-step debug mode, but in normal mode API response doesn’t reach Group Preview.
Looks like workflow doesn’t wait for response to comeback and continue without data.

What I’ve tried:

  1. Adding pause after API call.
  2. Making a button «Show Preview» and separate workflow for it with API call and displaying data in Preview. This works but if I want to automate it and click the Preview button with js it doesn’t work. And I don’t really need another manual click here.
  3. Making a custom event with the API call and then adding this event to existing workflow in hope it will wait for response before continuing workflow. No luck.

Would really appreciate any ideas on how to solve this.