WUreducer - Reduce your Workload Units

Hi everyone,

I just released a tool to reduce your WU usage (and increase data load speeds). You can find it on: Manage your WU Reducer

A tutorial can be found here: https://wureducer.com/

Its free to use during beta (will also have a free plan after beta)


Curious about this. Haven’t watched the video yet, do you have any documentation on how this works?

Sounds promising. Would you mind explaining how this all works technically? Or where exactly the data is cached and from where it is accessed? Since I come from Europe, certain GDPR guidelines must also be adhered to here.

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Hi there,

We use the cloudflare network to cache the data on the edge. We currently cache only using GDPR compliant vendors (as I am also from Europe). We will offer signed gpdr compliant processing agreements on the paid plans.

Once out of beta we will also offer a way to keep any cached data inside Europe (and also offer encryption).

We don’t log anything except how many requests where made and by what account. No data on what users requested that data nor do we log data like ip adresses.


Because this is beta. The video is the documentation.

Watched it. But it is mainly for public datas and not so dynamic right? If I have multiple clients with their private records, I have to create new api endpoint for each of them? Cannot make it dynamic?

You can make the endpoint dynamic. So you can pass arguments to your workflows like account=private_key

And then return data based on that. That will seprate that cached data from other data.

But do remember, anyone having that private key will be able to access that data. So dont make it your account id. But add a secret ‘key’ to a thing like account and only share that key using privacy settings while those that have access to that account.

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Damnn that’s hot. The data load speed difference is impressive

I really don’t get why bubble isn’t using such techniques themselves. It is not rocket science to implement as we all see with this plugin. :roll_eyes:


Can’t quite get it. Supposed you have a Saas application for Salons. Each Salon can have their own set of customers. How would you implement this?

No idea if they will do it because it would decrease pricing / revenue by a lot…


You would create a field on a salot called ‘private_key’. They key would be populated using generate formula (unique string of 20 chars orso).

You set the privacy rules so only logged in users can see that key. Then you pass that key to the workflow like ?privacy_key=[private_key].

Then you would be able to store things like salons or other data.

But do remember that the cache has a ‘delay’ of up to 60 seconds. So it will only work if you don’t need to refresh that data real time.

Great Job Gamed

@josh such low hanging fruit, why would something like this not be top priority.


It will be helpful if you can show tutorial how to use it for such cases. :slight_smile:

The 60 secs delay, meaning, data will be refreshed every 60 seconds to check for possible new data?

PS. Cannot signup due to email rate limit.

You have exceeded the email rate limit of 20 email destinations per day. To continue sending, please install a custom SendGrid key

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Fixed! Didn’t think that it would go this fast. So had this planned for tomorrow haha

Sure! Let me see if I can schedule it for later this week. Let me know if you have any other use cases.

I added some FAQ’s to the homepage:

@gaimed… I’m pretty sure you mean zero downtime… or not. :wink:



Haha thanks!


Someone figured out a way to combine real time data from Bubble with cached data from WU Reducer (saving lots of WU but also having real time data).

You just return a ‘cached_on’ field with the latest unix date to WU Reducer (in your api workflow). Then on the page when you get the WU Reducer, you check if there is any data added after cached_on. And display that on top. That way you have the benefits of real time data with cached data.