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2 Simple questions regrading bubble workflow

Hi All
First, thank you so much

I am trying to do few 2 simple things and not sure how, maybe you guys have any relevant tutorials for me…
I described my questions here:

Question 1:
I’m assuming your door input information is currently inside a group. In order to make the “add a door” button functionality work the way you described, this door input group must be inside a repeating group and also the door input information needs to be a data type. So when you click add a door you have a workflow that creates a new door (or whatever you call your data type). The way I would set it up would be that you have a data type called “order” and a data type called “door details” and within order, you have a field that is called door details which is a list of door details. Then your repeating group is of type Order and data source is search for order and then the button for add a door creates a new order which will then give you the functionality you want.

Question 2: Your buttons should refer to your “door details” data type. Then when you click the edit or delete buttons you have a workflow that either makes changes to door details or deletes a door details.

Everything you’re talking about is revolves around how you set up your database. I would search for tutorials on setting up your database and also on repeating groups. That will give you an understanding of how to build what I’m talking about.

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