“page loaded (entire)” condition - not working on mobile/desktop <992

I am using “page loaded (entire)” condition for a 'loading…" element inside a floating group that covers the entire page until its fully loaded.

this work on desktop but not on mobile (using the new responsive engine).

Not sure if this is an issue, or just doesn’t work due to being mobile.

Actually seems to be under widths of <992 for some reason? on Desktop as well.

Ok - this is a conflict between two floating groups for some reason, I have another that appears and hides @ 992 for a left side menu.

If I resolve I will post an answer …


Ok so my left menu floating group (Reusable element) on the PAGE had a condition to show at >993 and hide and <992.

This broke the on page load event with the other reusable element at the hide condition.

To fix it I moved the show hide conditions to the menu reusable element itself and removed from the page level, this worked … I don’t know why, bug maybe.

I hope this helps someone.


i could use some help with hiding a load bar after page load. i thought i had it figured out and working but today its being a bastard and im frustrated with it

Maybe post a small video of the issue using loom or something so I can understand ther issue

thank you. i figured something out that works for now.

i had to go one layer deep into the nested repeating group. with a calculator in the first layer asking if the next RG’s list of things was the the parent groups list of things, if yes then hide the spinner.

Hi @stuart4. I know it’s an old post but, just wanted to note that this should use a greater than or equal to (or vice versa). If the page width is exactly 992, neither conditional will apply.

  1. Current page width < 992
  2. Current page width >= 992