Academy Quick Tips - Suggestions Welcome!

Hey everyone, we’re ramping up our video production and are now adding to the Academy each week! If you haven’t already seen our newest Crash Course check it out here: How to Build Your First Bubble App

More recently, we’ve been releasing Quick Tips, which, as the name implies, are short videos showing how to use something in Bubble.

We are releasing these Quick Tips on a reliable schedule each week every Tuesday and Thursday (so if you don’t want to miss out, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel or check out our Academy)

As we continue to make more Quick Tips (and video content in general), we want to hear more from you.

What is something that you wish you knew when you first started building with Bubble?

An example would be, “I wish that I knew about the Toggle action because that would have saved me so much time from setting up custom states, or multiple buttons showing/hiding.”

In particular, let me know some of the more discrete things you’ve learned along your own Bubble journey that you wish had more attention. Something that can be summed up in a minute-long video, versus a longer tutorial like “How to use the API Connector.” as that’s a different subject!

Looking forward to hearing from you all :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Jeremy

How about the concept of “singular” vs “plural”. Young bubblers usually struggle with:

  • how to add/substract to/from lists
  • displaying a single thing from a list in an element
  • group thing vs rg group current cell thing

In short … to be able to convey the concept of how to manage one thing vs a list of things.


Another worthwhile one is the concept of parent/child in groups … and the need to have them all connected to be able to pass on the data if the child group is expecting it “deep” into a “chain” of nested groups

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Both great ideas, going to add them to the list! Parent/Child groups may be a bit longer than one-minute depending on how deep of a chain it went :smiley:

Thanks @cmarchan!

There are a lot of shortcuts that I didn’t find until later even though there is a list in the editor. Seeing them happen would be super quick and could show how they are actually used.

Especially ctrl+k to jump into a workflow for an element


You are right. Perhaps you can break up the concept.

Just thought of another one (I have been guiding many beginning users in the forum)

  • The concept of setting up the origin and destination … sending and receiving a thing … so that the necessary options to write the expression show up when using the “go to page” action.
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This is a great idea, especially with the list of shortcuts we have now. Speeds up your time in the editor tremendously! Thanks @gf_wolfer adding this to the list

Understood. I like this concept too, it’s a great way to illustrate both ways, when you have the connection ready to go and when you don’t.

Adding to list!

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