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How to partially restrict information in the repeating group according to the user?

There are 3 types of demands - options sets: Open, In Progress and Completed. How do I allow the regular user to see all their demands in a repeating group, the Open, In Progress and Completed demands, and the demands of other users, but only those that are In Progress and Completed?

Everyone who accesses the app/website can see all demands, with the exception of demands that are Open.

These Open requests, in turn, can only be seen by their creators.

Is this type of restriction possible?

for the data source set it to demands created by current user intersected with demands not created by current user and status != open (or you can flip it to be all in progress and completed demands intersected with open demands created by current user, based on how your data is set up)

Thank you for your return!

Can you help me by showing how to “configure demands created by the current user intersecting with demands not created by the current user”? How can I set the data source?

I’m using a toggle button to separate the demands, but it’s not ideal

so it seems you don’t need to intersect since its separate view.

on the appearance is the default data source (#1 in image) which should be based on what default toggle is) and then in the conditions (#2 in image) is where you set the data source for when toggle changes.

That’s true; its not ideal, but more importantly, you don’t want a back-end download every time the user switches the toggle… you want to make sure all data is already on the page and then displayed based on the toggle if you keep the toggle.

BEWARE: bubble templates are always more headache than starting from scratch unless you aren’t really customizing it.

If I understand your post correctly, @citycare, you can use the merged with operator to merge a search for demands created by the current user with a search for demands where created by does not equal the current user and status does not equal open. Should be that simple (i.e., no toggle required), unless I have misunderstood your post.

I want to remove the toggle and do as you initially suggested, but I don’t know how.

Thank you for your attention.

I still don’t have in-depth knowledge about the bubble, can you tell me how to do this?

In the repeating group’s data source, click More.

Then, select the merged with operator, and follow that operator with another search for problems with constraints on that search where Created by <> Current User and Status <> Open.

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It worked out!! Thank you so much!!

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I managed to solve it. Thank you very much!

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