Admin status - deploying live


After the newest update, I keep getting this popup message even though I don’t have any collaborators and I’m the sole owner of the app.


Any thoughts?

@eve I saw this was mentioned earlier. Any update on why this is showing?

@lantzgould We are looking into this now

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Thanks @neerja,

FYI, the system lets me deploy, followed by the ‘successfully deployed message’, then this shows. If that helps with tracking it’s source.

@lantzgould @JustinC we are able to reproduce the issue. We will update here once the fix is live


Just occurred for me too. Deploy worked but I received the popup message stated above

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We pushed a fix and it is live. Let us know if you run into any issues.

Wow, that was quick! That did the trick, and am no longer able to produce the popup. Thanks team.

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