How to update data thing by Make (integromat)?

Hey all!

I’m building a B2C video chat app that is based on multiple Zoom accounts.

Bubble’s Zoom plugins do not allow connecting to multiple Zoom accounts so I’m using Make (formerly Integromat) as a way to Manage multiple Zoom accounts (so there could be 2 Zoom calls simultaneously)

The picture above demonstrates the flow of events.
First I trigger the above automation by a bubble API:

Then the Make automation opens up a Zoom call, and is supposed to pass on the Zoom URL back to bubble-specific data Thing (I pass it’s) , as in the picture below:

The picture bellow shows the output-input of the module which suppose to update the bubble thing. It seems to have found the right thing, but did not update it…


I’m not sure what is the issue. I’ve made sure all privacy rules are ok and the API is exposed and all relevant data is exposed

I’m new to bubble API connector and I suspect this happens because I did not set another GET API?

would love some help. Could not find any relevant post in the forum or in the Make forum

Thanks a lot!!

Sounds like an API Headache! Do you have to use zoom? Could you not use another RTC app?

Yeah, zoom is a must (as our users are familiar with it and already got accounts)