Anyone understand how [link=...]Links[link] in emailbody are encoded when sent via Sendgrid?

I am currently working on the notification system of my application and am sending through various links in the email body with some dynamic expressions in them.

When a value of e.g. ‘project-name’ has a SPACE character in it, it just stops the link there when sent with sendgrid.


[link= example&other-value=123] Link [/link]
will be transformed to this url:
(… the rest of the link is just missing)

So I thought to myself, I’m just going to :find&replace all SPACE characters in the link with “%20”, effectively encoding the SPACE character as it doesn’t seem to be done by sendgrid (or bubble when sending to sendgrid).
I did that and now somehow the “%” in the email body gets encoded automatically as %25 by either bubble or sendgrid.

Does anybody know where to access how text in URL links gets encoded when sending the mail over to Sendgrid. Do I have to do that in Sendgrid or Bubble? Or has someone a better workaround?

Looking forward to your replies

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I found another post which suggested to :encode as URL . In there, spaces get encoded as + rather than %20. I changed it to that and now it works

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