API - Returned Value - Set DATE format

@Bubble, could you add “Date (UNIX)” as a type and convert it ?
Right now we must use another plugin to handle this basic thing.

Here an exemple from Stripe :

and have you think auto-detecting the UNIX date ? All dates between 1990 and 2200 are between 631.148.400 and 4.102.441.200. That would enable detecting 99% of the UNIX dates and few numbers are that high

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@emmanuel AirTable offers a function named DATETIME_PARSE to handle dates.

In the case of Bubble, since all the dates from one API are returned using the same format, the structured format could be definied at the API level. Then, the parsing would be used for each date field.

PayPal, Stripe… dates are not automaticcaly recognized and dealing with them need a lot of extrawork.