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App keeps crashing today

Filed a bug report, but wanted to see if anyone is experiencing the same issue.

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Not crashing but had weird performance issues the last week. Today, the weird thing is that all my multidropdowns have an extra blank element added to them which is causing display issues across my app. Filed a bug report yesterday but Bubble has been slower than usual with responding.

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@rod.danan I’ve noticed the slower than usual response, hopefully this gets fixed soon.

I have the same issue. my app is crashing constantly since yesterday. Usually when I click through the menu too quickly and the repeating groups haven’t loaded the data yet, very weird.

I will also file a bug report.

@saviorabrams Hi, are you still experiencing this issue? did you probably used the new “wrapped horizontally” option for the repeating groups? because i changed this option to vertical and it stops crashing. So i think there is a render issue with this new option.

I will file a bug report.

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Yup having similar issue :confused:

Bubble’s support team got back to me a few days ago and spotted a custom javascript I added and caused a conflict. Pretty much had to delete it and try a different approach. Everything is working now.