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Apply filters to repeating group list

Now i m stuck and i need to ask for help again :slight_smile:
I am creating a acution website and i would like to allow user to apply filters when they search for products they are interested in. - link to app.
I would like to connect every search - filter and display result in the repeating group.
What is the smartest way to do that?

Right now if the user is searching for something, it will display the result based on his search but if the user is clicking on the first category , it will display products belonging to this category.

Thank you

anybody? thank you

Can you make the app public and explain what you’ve done so far. RIght now it’s a bit hard to help.

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yes. the app is public
I m trying to build a auction website, eventually an app
I have added Ad (Product) - Categories - Subcategories in database
I have included a search bar which is looking for ad title field and i also included a location input which is reading the ad location field
When i click “Search” a search will be performed among all ads in the database. If there is any text in “ad_title” field, it will be taken in consideration showing only relevant ads in the repeating group. Same applies for ad_location.
All the results are displayed in “ad_listing” repeating group.
On the left side of the app we have listed “Categories”.
Ok, what i want now is, After user performs a search, relevant ads are displayed and if user clicks on category from the left side , the repeating group should be updated, meaning that from the search result just performed, only ads belonging to the clicked category will be listed. More then that, if any other filter is applied, for example Max Price = 1000, again the list is updated based on this inputs. Basically the same list is updated according to user actions.
Was it clear enough?

Thank you

Like here
I searched for iphone 6 then, i checked the box Århus under “Hvor er varen” (Where is the product)?, then the list is updated.

Hi there, did you ever get help with this? I think I’m having the same issue but stuck

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