Appointment schedulding app

I’m creating an app like Calendly. I want to share it to template marketplace after, but before doing that I would like to get some reviews about it. - admin page - booking page.

It’s not ready yet, so please don’t be very severe)
What kind of additional features do you think would be great in this kind of template?

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I would consider the calendar look


Not very sure which days are actually in January or not.

On confirmation, perhaps show confirmation details such as date, time and doctor name again

In the admin page

I am not sure why if I select an appointment does the popup have a calendar that flips open for me to choose a date. Isn’t the date already set?

What other additional features are you thinking of adding for this template?

Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it.
You are right, added the different month condition. Now only the dates that are in the current month are visible. That’s what you meant?
Also added some information to confirmation page.
2) You are right. The appoinment has all setting when it’s confirmed.
The popup is for changing appoinment if you need, and then notify the user about it.
Maybe some additional confirmation can be included to the email.
3) features:

  • Now the app shows the time’s in the timezone where the user that scheduleds appointment is located, if he allows the location. Thinking about adding the ability to change the timezone if he don’t want to allow the location. As for the end user, thats all what I was thinking about right now.
    As for admin page:
  • maybe some other features in the appointment settings popup.
  • some simple contacts page
  • thinking about the ablility to create different companies and company roles, but not sure if it’s needed.
  • Different pages for ‘Trainers’ and ‘Admin’. For example the trainer can’t see other trainers and their event-types. Or can’t change anything there.
  • Displaying the appointments as a list (Today, This week, Next week etc), but also not sure if it’s needed
    Not sure if you noticed, but the timing page now shows only times that are set in the event time settings , and if they are not overlaped with exsisting appointments. Thinking about adding an adintional “buffer time”, so for example users can schedule appoinments only after 15 minutes after the previous.
    P.S. Doktor is my surname)