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Hi there, I am new to Bubble and I am creating a basic attendance check for a team of players. I have inputed the data into the bubble database with a name field, a “present” and an “absent” field. I created a repeating group and the names are displaying fine. I also created a “present” radio button and an “absent” radio button. I was managed to get the selected present/absent recordings to update the database fields by using the autobinding method for updating the individual radio button for “absent” and the other individual radio button for “present” but I am unsure how I would link a certain data field to a radio button if autobinding is switched off, as when autobinding is switched off the “field to modify” option is not visible then. Also, would you mind giving me an example of how a submit button would be configured as a work flow so that it would update the absent and present radio button columns, after they are chosen absent or present as opposed to immediately update the database like it currently does with the autobinding method whenever a radio button is selected. Thanks.

@gerrymagoomac - welcome to Bubble!

Generally speaking, I recommend limiting use of auto binding in favor of workflows. Both because of the issue you described and how it relates to database privacy.

Auto binding really only works for very specific functions. (Ie. update this defined field and show an alert if successful). By moving to workflows, you can also utilize more logic and dynamically reference things. (Ex. update a defined field on that user that isn’t necessarily related to the button.

Here’s a tutorial video that provides a pretty comprehensive introduction to using workflows.

For an example of how you might set this up using radio buttons, see this link for the Editor, this link for live.

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 120+ great Bubble tutorials + on-demand coaching for Bubble).

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Thanks for your response Dan. I now understand workflows a bit better and have been able to setup the attendance checklist for the list of names. The database is setup to update in the same manner as the example you have given, as in it updates whenever the radio button is selected. What I am now hoping to do is instead of having the database update whenever the radio button is selected, I would prefer to select the radio buttons and at the very end of the list of radio buttons I would have a submit button which would then trigger all of the data (radio button selections) to be updated in one go. So say when a submit button at end of radio button checklist is clicked, the radio button selections would then be updated, as oppsed to be updated exactly when the radio button is selected. Hope this makes sense. Thanks again Dan. Regards, Gerry

@gerrymagoomac - what you’re describing certainly is possible. But I’d recommend developing a stronger foundation of some concepts around working with “lists” first.

Repeating groups don’t have a good “update all items to the current radio button’s value for each corresponding cell” type function. Rather, what you might do is to “store” those values in a temporary list (ex. another repeating group or a state-based list).

I built a very quick example on that same demo app to illustrate some of the primary concepts.

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