Auto-refresh Stripe Marketplace balance W/O reloading

I’ve been trying to figure out how to automatically update a Stripe sellers balance without having to reload the page. I’m building a booking and payments app, so when the seller completes their service, the transaction goes through. The only issue is that nothing changes on Bubble’s end when the transaction goes through, unless the page is reloaded.

I’m just trying to figure out a solution. I know the basics of how to connect a webhook from Stripe to Bubble (/initialize), but get lost after that. Like how would my backend workflow look? etc

I’ve also referenced countless forums ie: Finally, my API data refreshes without page reload- How I got it to work - this method doesn’t work with Stripe

Nothing so far has shown me a solution, so anything helps. Thanks!

You can store the balance in the DB and reference it in the UI. Once you update the balance in the DB with an API call, the balance shall be updated automatically on the page w/o reloading.