Best way to provide scheduling solution for a marketplace

Hi there,

I would appreciate if you could help me or guide me on the problem I encountered.

We would like create a marketplace where visitors will book services from providers. For this to function we need date and time availability for each provider.

Question1: Is there a way of achieving this functionality ideally using plugins :slight_smile:

We second issue is that we need to offer the same booking feature for the individual employees ( barbers in a barbershop) so each employee has his/her own availability.

Question2: Can this be achieved using Bubble?

Yes, you can develop that using Bubble. I have developed one marketplace solution like that, not using plugin, just storage the customized schedule for the business owner.

Thank you @ualdir.
Was it 1 owner - 1 service per businesss?

My idea involves multi users , multi services per business.

Yes, I developed for multi services and multi users.

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