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Bubble API in Zapier does not retrieve data PhoneNumbers [SOLVED]

I’m building a simple webapp that sends sms’ses and MMS’ses to users who sign up.

How do I have the bubble API in Zapier retrieve the phone number’s that users enter in my bubble app page? (via the field ‘number’ '‘current user’s phonenumber’ in my workflow)

The bubble API in Zapier does not retrieve the phone number, even if I do fill in a phone number in that number options field.

The same problem at the Twilio API that uses the Bubble trigger.
It does retrieve the text message and the picture file, but it does not retrieve the phone number, whether I fill 1 specific phone number , or use the ‘‘currents user’s phone number’’ function inside Bubble.

This should work. I wonder if it because Twilio wants a text rather than a number, it tends to like a + at the front.


I have tried entering a phone number with a + at the front, still doesnt work.

What should you fill in at the Number field (in the 1st screenshot) to make it retrieve ‘‘current users phone number’’?

I use a phone number with a + and it works. Did you try to see the logs in zapier and Twilio

You mean you put it in the number field like you see in the 1st screen?

Even if I were to fill in a number, (wich I tried) , it does not solve my problem of retrieving current users phone number. Then I would be just sending all SMSses to 1 number.

Add it as text, with the + code. not as a number

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I’m sorry I dont think I understand you correctly, how could you add a phone number as text?
The field also accepts only numbers.

And it doesn’t retrieve ‘current users phone numbers’ from my bubble app.

Leave all the fields in the Bubble Edit Options in Zapier Empty. Add the number in Twilio Zap’s. like below.

Also store the number in bubble as a text.

To get it to show in zapier you have to atleast run the zap once using the bubble workflow.

Yes, ignore the “test” data… put your zap live, then test.

So, exactly as above…

Pass in a text field.

Then Pass from Bubble to Twillio.

Alright! I did everything you guys said, and it worked! but, at the last step it gives me this error message because I I could not add a phone number with the +1 in front of it in Bubble’s us phone number input form.

How do you add the +1?
I have in my bubble Trigger zapier zap in Text1 '‘Input’s value’, just like in NigelG’s screenshot.

(phone number blurred out to protect it from spam)

Solved it, just added +1 in front of the ‘‘input’s value’’ :smiley:

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it works! Thank you 2 so much guys!

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