Bubble apps plans

I see the legacy plans and I was thinking of purchasing a plan for one of my apps, but I want to know if its possible to still buy one of the legacy plans for my app or do I have to buy the current ones.
please help

Depend when you first joined I think.

Adding to what @dehacked79 mentioned, I believe it’s if you created your Bubble account before August 2019.

How can i see when my account was created how can i see when was my account created

Cuz i don’t remember

You’ll know if your account is legacy or not because when you go and sub to an app it’ll give you legacy options.

ohh ok so if i see the legacy plans then I can use them and if I don’t see the legacy plans then I can’t use them

Correct. If you don’t have a legacy account you won’t be able to see legacy plans.

ohh ok thank you for your help i just check and yes i do have the legacy options for every plan thanks

No problem! Glad I was of help :blush: