Bubble front end structure, bad for SEO?

Hello bubblers,

Not sure if this has been mentioned here before, I will explain my thoughts anyway…

After testing my bubble app for SEO scores etc. I have consistently got bad numbers for title tags, such as H1, H2 etc. And to be honest, I have found that my bubble app generally has long indexing times and search engine ranking anyway, my organic traffic is basically still zero, after being online for nearly a year.

Looking at bubble’s front end code, it seems that using the standard text element, and exposing ‘type of tag’ for the element (h1,h2,h3…) seems to wrap the content in the tag… like so:

This is bad right? Putting div inside H1 is bad structure, and I would assume is also not good for SEO purposes. My way to get around this is to use html element and write my own titles.

Interested in other peoples thoughts. Seems like bubble team to fix this.

Many thanks.