Bubble needs design


I know design is not on the priority list of @Bubble, but they should consider having more design capabilities. @Bubble is the best for making functional web apps, but it lacks few design features. And would be great if @Bubble had design in mind for future updates, so here are some beautiful/functional plugins/libraries that @Bubble should consider integrating:

  1. As many will know, the date time picker Bubble has integrated is not the most beautiful and lacks certain functionalities like only time picking or more style options
  1. I know that Bubble has worked hard on the RTE, and it’s great.
  1. Update to the latest version of Drop zone js

  2. js pdf for making PDFs

  3. Image magnifier for magnifying an image

  4. Skeleton screen when an element is still loading RG, images, videos, groups, etc…

  5. Scrolling animations for more scrolling features

  6. Stretchy navigation would be really helpful for edit, navigation, and adding menus

  7. For page transitions

  1. For video player

These are ideas, and I know @Bubble priority is stability, but @Bubble should be better than Webflow, Editor X, Glide Apps, Squarespace, and others in web design.

If you know any other beautiful/functional plugins/libraries or design tips, please share them.

Let’s make @Bubble the best design no-code tool.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:


Maybe their focus is more on functionality then design…? Honestly I would like a pretty and slick editor interface but I would rather it be stable and fast first.

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Yes, definitely stability is their priority, and that’s perfect.

But it’s not a reason to put design aside.

Many of the plugins that Bubble integrates like the multiuploader, RTE, etc…, they should at least update them.

Editor JS would make a lot of sense since it stores the text in JSON (and bubble loves JSON)

Yeah, it also has a million more features than Quill

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