Button clicked "cmeKh1" is not an option

I have a strange error that I cannot solve: the Bubble editor indicates that several elements in reusable popups produce an issue when clicked, however clicking the elements works perfectly.

The errors are: is clicked - “cmeMN1” is not a possible option

The random 6 character code is different for each reusable popup, e.g. “cmeMN1”, “cmeKV1”… I discovered that if I create a new workflow that is an exact copy and delete the old workflow then the issue disappears.

Anyone know what is producing this issue?

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It might relate to some legacy folder that this workflow belonged to before it found its way into the reusable. If you click on the workflow When Button Kontakt... tile are you able to explicitly reset the workflow folder to empty?


YES, that’s the issue. If I reset the folder then the issue is fixed, thanks!


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