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Can Bubble create a connection between email and a REST API?

I want to make an API between two applications. One of the apps does not have an API, but it does allow me to send emails automatically.

Specifically, I have a CRM where we track customer issues. Every time an issue is created in the CRM, it can be configured to send an email. I want the data from that email to be posted into our reporting app that has an API. That way our reporting app always has the same issues list as our CRM.

I would like bubble to retrieve the email, parse the subject line and body, then post the data into the API of the reporting app.

Here is the documentation page for the app with the API, looks like a standard REST API.

I haven’t programmed since pascal and cobol in college, so I appreciate anyone who can tell me if this is possible.


Look into something like to retrieve data from emails then pass it into Bubble.

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Given your scenario and the possible solution I mentioned, I don’t think you need Bubble at all.

Agree with Scott, you probably don’t need bubble for this, there are good tools to extract from emails, and you should be able to link to your API from there (or use zapier).

P.s. Are you Brighton, UK Sam ?

Wow Scott, good thinking! I’m headed over to check out right now!

Thanks for the Zapier suggestion, Nigel! I’ll check that out too.

And no, I’m not in the U.K., maybe I have long lost family there. :wink: