Can we build a OTT platform on bubble?

I am planning to create an OTT platform. Is it possible with bubble?. If possible which video player is best and how to eliminate downloading the content. And which bubble plan will be better to use for a OTT platform. How to eliminate screen recording? pls guide me

Hi @nanthananthu912,

I think an OTT platform is definitely feasible with bubble. You can refer to the template that I have updated previously. It should include part of your functions that would like to have. You may consider starting with it.

Generally, I will recommend you start with YouTube or the Vimeo video player. As it is the one recommended by Bubble, it will be simple to onboard. Further, it is possible to add HTML code, where you can find those codes through Google. However, if you consider the screen recording issue, you may want to use PlayReady or FairPlay.

I think the professional bubble plan will serve except you have some special requirements since the professional plan cannot upgrade the storage (Storage for Personal Plan is 5GB fyr in case you will store most of the stuff in other places).

@Thomas_Lo thank you so much :heart::blush:

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