Cannot login even password if correct

I keep getting the message “Sorry, that’s not the right password” even I enter the correct password I tried even to reset password with another one but I keep getting this alert?

Make sure you are logging in where you expect. The database for the Preview (Development) version is different than the password for the Deployed (live) version.

I’m just working on development database I checked the database and the user account is created in database but when trying to access It tell me “Sorry, that’s not the right password”

And does it happen if you reset your password?

even if I reset password with another password It keeps telling me the same alert message “Sorry, that’s not the right password”

I’m assuming you are typing the password on the same device so we can assume it is not an uppercase on/off or a broken key. That’ leaves me stumped. I’ve never seen it happen before. If you want to share a view mode of your editor (Search the forum if not sure how to do that) then I can that a quick look for you.

okay I will share it with you

please how can I share with you the editor in read mode ?

In Settings tab, go to General tab. There you will see a dropdown that gives rights. Change it from Private to Everyone can view you can put it back to private after I look. Then copy the URL of your editor and paste it here or in a private message to me and I’ll hop in.

On you login page you have set the action in The Login Workflow to use the email as the passwords value. Next time you hit a problem like this, use the debugger in Step-by-step mode and note that blue variables/expressions you see on the left can be clicked on to Inspect then on the right, there you can click on bits of the expression to see their values. Once you learn to use it, it saves a lot of time and frustration.

Don’t forget to set the rights back to Private.


I see thank you a lot, I really done an idiot mistake! I forget to use debugger … thx again

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I make some great idiot mistakes too!!!

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Do you recommend any tutorials to learn the debugger?

I never saw one @sanjuujosephh but it is pretty simple. The only thing I found non-obvious was that clicking on expressions in the left (action) opened an inspector window on the right that I could click on parts of the expression to see the values. In another post you were struggling with nested RG values. I had that exact issue and discovered that even though I could, within the inner RG refer to things outside it, the values were blank (even though they were not blank). That’s how I found the problem and after trying multiple things I found a solution where I could access a value in a Group.

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