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Cannot make custom search box to react to typed text instantly

So i tried to make a good looking fast working search box.
I have a list of countries in a repeating group which is preloaded to the group via set states to make it faster. Contents of RG are showed filtered with input’s value. So technically it works. BUT… RG contents instantly react to first letter typed in an input. So when i type A, it instantly shows all countries containing that A without a need to press enter, but when i continue typing a word, nothing happens. I have to stop typing and wait for a couple seconds and only then RG contents refresh or i have to press enter. That makes custom searchbox look and work a little odd, like it’s a bug or unfinished product.

Can anyone tell me if it is the way it should be? I tried all workarounds i could imagine, nothing works. Any ideas?

Implement the fuzzy search plugin.

The point is that i’m trying to do it without plugins and the question is if it is possible at all. every 3rd party plugin added means certain limitaions and reliability risks.

Fuzzy search plugin from Zeroqode is lightweight (and free). The search is instant. Implementation is quick and easy. Just give it a try.