Can't get a result from a data type search

I have been stumped for the past 3 hours on this issue that seems trivial and should be an easy fix but there is no solution I’ve found…

Long story short, I am trying to link users to a client. I created a ‘client’ data type with associated data points and then created a ‘client’ field for ‘user’ data types.

However… when I go to conduct a search for a client (in this case upon user sign up), I am getting nothing as a result. It for some reason won’t link the user to the client.

I did however do a test text box with the same search parameters

search for client: first item
client ‘name’ = xyz

and it brought back the result no problem. It’s only when I have it populating on sign up that it won’t pull a result and link the user to the client.

Any ideas?

Picture for reference

Check your privacy setting. Pretty sure you have it set to “Current user is logged in”

What value are you using in your search constraint for ‘client name’?

Wow… the fog of not figuring it out made me overlook the privacy rules. That did it. Thank you so much!

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