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Can't get stripe checkout to work

I cant figure out how to get stripe checkout working. In my situation there really is no reason for the user to have to create an account in my app. They should just select a quantity of stuff from the homepage and be able to get billed. Any idea why this wouldn’t work?

Could you post a link? You may have checked the “marketplace” option, that could explain why your user has to set up a Stripe account.

My bad, I think I did not understand your question well. I think that in the WF section the action is “charge the current user” so you should create an active user I guess. But, usually, when we pay something over the Internet we have to create account. I mean, at least for setting up and sending a proper invoice you need basic infos… so creating an account on your app should be normal.

Since its a 1 off transaction, I’m not sure I really need to create an account. All I need from them is email.

Your users don’t have the create an account, but they have to provide an email.

Yes, but even for setting up an invoice, I guess you need a name and postal address. Even Amazon who has pushed quick and easy payments very far requests that you login I think. So my guess is that it is the only way to do it.