Certain times of day development sooooo slow

Hi All,

I scoured the forum and saw a few posts that mention the same issue I am having but I never found a solution other than splitting the page into multiple pages. I am working on this however if my browser keeps timing out and actions take 30-60 seconds to catch up it will take forever.

It seems as though during the morning (Pacific Time), our development side works pretty well, but once the afternoon hits it can sometimes become unusable. For instance, when creating conditionals I can add them in a second in the morning, but in the afternoon my browser times out and asks me to close the page (both instances I am working on the same page from our site). I have tried chrome, edge, and firefox, all with the same outcome/issue.

Examples of actions which can take an eternity are: Clicking to edit text, typing text, adding/editing conditionals, loading and editing the API Connector just to name a few.

Is there anything I can do about this? If it worked at the same speed as it does during its fastest periods, it would be no problem. Unfortunately, it seems to be all over the place and it is really frustrating when I have time to crank out work and my browser keeps timing out or each action takes 30 seconds to catch up…

What type of internet connectivity do you have? When the Bubble editor is really laggy, how is web browsing more generally and other online services you use?

Between 450-600 Mbps all the time. Streaming youtube and youtube TV at the same time no issues…

It might be worth reporting to Bubble. If there’s a pattern of degraded service among users along the US west coast, then they might need to look into it. I’d suggest emailing [email protected].

woah! Where is that? To put that in context - I am often working on Bubble ok-ish with 5-7 m :upside_down_face:

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hi, use brave browser.
download ccleaner. delete cache every day for brave. i do this. since then 0 problem.
bubbles likes saving a lot of the things in cache. often up to a gig a busy day. (more than all other sites combined)


Thank you. I wondered about the cache. The other day I ran a windows update and cleared all of my browser history and cache. Bubble worked great for about 6 hours and then really started to slow down. I will give brave a try and clear my cache every couple of hours when I am working.

Arizona. I definitely know it is not my ISP, especially if others are running bubble fine at 1/10 the Mbps