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Change group content on button click

Looking to build a simple app where the user can click through (both back and forth) blocks of text content without the page refreshing.

My first question is how should I save the text content in the database? Does each block of text get its own field under a type in the database…as in Block 1, Block 2, Block 3, etc?

My second question is how do I build this out? I’m thinking I should use a group to display the text content. When the page first loads the group will display with Block 1’s text content in the group. Then when I click the forward button Block 2’s text content should appear in the group. If I click the back button then Block 1’s text content will appear again. Having trouble building this out with the workflows, etc. Any suggestions?

Yes, you could hard code all the links but I think that would end up being painful to maintain.

Or, you could put it in a repeating group, and have this only display a single row. Then use the next / previous actions.

In terms of storage, having a separate field (block1,2,3,4 etc) will make it harder to get the results into a list. Having them as seperate things (with an index) might be easier. Or have you got multiple blocks “sets” ? So A1/2/3/4 B1/2/3 ?

Why not start building it in the forum app, and we can help from there, it does make it easier.