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"Combo box" style search box?

First off… Loving bubble :slight_smile: Signed up to “have a look” and just kept on building !

So… I have a “category” type input that I would implement. So either use an existing category or create a new one.

I can’t see that the search box allows me add a new option, just select existing ones (and even then, I want categories that this user has created, so have both a category “thing” and a “category list” attached to the user. The only way I can do it is by filtering all categories that exist for the user category list… Which is slow) so I am looking at creating a repeating group with the user category list, and then using a click action to populate an input. But it doesn’t look like I can send the result to an input ?

Any clues how I might achieve this ?

Essentially I want to categorise a “post” with either a user’s existing category or a new one.

Thanks :smile:

It sounds like if you put the input in a group and then use a display data in group action, you should be able to populate the input element. You should look at the video ‘sending data to groups’.

Let us know how it goes.

Thanks, yes that works. I can create a dropdown with the existing values, then send that to the group’s input box. So I can add a “new” category now. Although it does seem a little clunky, it would be nice to be able to do it all in the drop down. So basically a Combo Box…which is fairly standard UI ?

Can you request that one the Features Lab? it’s easier for us to track requests there. Thanks

Yes, will do.

What I ended up doing was this (and I discovered what might be a little “feature” ) … to get a dynamic list of “category”.

Dropdown inside a Group. Default set to “Parent’s group category”.

Then another Input and Button that adds the new category, clears the input, and sets the Group category to that which has been created. So you add the category and the dropdown value changes. Which is nice.

What I also wanted to do was save the “last category used”. So I have an action on the Dropdown for “value is changed” and an action on page load to set the value of the group. However… when the value is changed as a result of the “send to group” from the new category action this action isn’t triggered.

Which may very well make sense, as you don’t want circular actions triggering each other.

Simple enough to update the user’s “last category” on the add, but thought you might like to know :smile:

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Right, the event ‘input’s value is changed’ is only triggered with the user manually changes the value, not when a reset group action is run, even if it actually changes the input’s value.