Conditions in Toolboox javascript

All my applications work in portrait mode, including videos and especially video apples.

I have the zeroqode plugin window (agora videoconference) displayed in front end for user x (current user), then (it’s in the zeroqode doc) I’ve created a group to display the 2 other users (because in my case the videoconference can’t have more than 3 users in total, so an apple with a maximum of 3) who are on the other side of the call (the interlocutors), this group can of course have any size, except that whatever size you give it, the other 2 users will be integrated into the group.
The reason I use your plugin is that I need to enlarge the user group at specific times, but automatically.

When there are only 2 users connected to the room, i.e. 1 interlocutor, then I have no problem because the JS code enlarges the group which is made up of 1 interlocutor and everything’s fine, but now imagine that the group is made up of 2 interlocutors (3 users connected to the room), then in this precise case if the group enlarges it will enlarge the group by 2 interlocutors in portrait mode, which is not fine (look at the screenshot).
So what I’ve done is write some code so that when 3 users are connected to the room, the caller group expands (in px) and moves to the left so that only the left side (where one of the 2 callers is) appears, taking up a large part of the screen of the other 2 users on the other side of the call. Then the group returns to its normal size, and 20 seconds later the group expands again (in px), this time moving to the left to show the other caller.

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