Create-a-thing workflow inside reusable not working properly


I built a workflow inside a reusable element. The workflow is triggered when a group is clicked and it is supposed to create a new thing (Result In Use) and set one of fields of this new thing as the clicked group’s thing (Result Template). For some reason, I am unable to successfully set this field even though the other two fields inside the “Create a new…” action are being set properly. Any thoughts on what I might be missing here? Screenshots of the workflow and the specific action are below:

Hi @vamsi.tetali
Maybe type of content of Reusable element
Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 16.29.47

@vajihahmed The type of content of the reusable is set properly as far as I can tell. It is set to be the thing that the group is supposed to transfer to the newly created thing. See screenshot below

Have you checked in the debugger, or your server logs to see what’s going on?

That’s the first thing I’d suggest to do…

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I have the same issue
It takes a very long time to create a thing in a reusable element. Should we fill a bug report?

@adamhholmes I just checked the debugger step-by-step and there is no issue showing up there. The debugger shows that the correct Result Template was assigned to the newly created Result In Use. However, when I go to the database and look at the newly created Result In Use, the Result Template field is blank. So perplexing

@vamsi.tetali have you checked whether the “Group Click” has the correct content (= Result Floater’s Result Template)?

Or send an editor link pls.

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@jukoen I did just check that and the type is set correctly (see screenshot below). Weirdly enough, the Result Template is seemingly initially getting set correctly but is not ultimately getting saved in the database record. I know its working well initially because I am making references to that field (e.g., “Result In Use’s Result Template’s…”)

Ok great. @vamsi.tetali are you able to share an editor link?

@jukoen I would love to but unfortunately can’t because of my firm’s policy.

Ok @vamsi.tetali could you maybe record a loom?

Here’s a link to a Loom video I just recorded. Thanks for taking time to look at this!

What do the sever logs show?

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Server log shows that the new thing was created and 2 of 3 fields were set correctly (see screenshot below). It does not show the Result Template field being set, and, for some reason, it doesn’t let me zoom in on that action within the log

Thanks for your recording @vamsi.tetali.
Check the logs for sure & give it a try to remove browser storage &/or reload your editor.
I had a similar issue where the frontend was displaying things totally fine but in the data tab it was not showing certain field values.
Think it is worth a try before submitting a bug report.

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@vamsi.tetali The result template field is being set, from what I see, or what is missing for you?

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Figured out my mistake and its quite a stupid one. You are right that the field was indeed being correctly set. I did not realize that I had an empty field as the primary field for the Result Template data type so, when I looked in the database, nothing was showing up though there was a Result Template assigned as intended.

Sorry for wasting all of your time and thank you for helping out!

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