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I’d like to implement a ‘Client Portal’ for my clients, clients. The idea would be that my clients could save reports, and in turn their clients could log in to view them. In my vision for this, my client would have reports that are ‘approved’ to be viewed by their clients. If ‘disabled for viewing’, their clients would not be able to see said report.

Has anyone done this thus far?

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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I have experience creating many applications with similar Client Portals or Dashboards using Bubble or otherwise. In general, you will need to create users, user roles and security settings for this to happen. In Bubble security settings are called Privacy Rules in the database area. Furthermore you can hide and show things using conditionals in workflows or element-conditionals. Again and most importantly you need to protect your data at the source first, this is done in the Privacy tab in the database area.

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Hi @mente12,

I’m pretty familiar with bubble so far. I like your idea of having good privacy rules. Do you have any examples/screen shots of similar things you’ve implemented to help me get started on this feature?

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I don’t know that screenshots sample dashboards will help you. You provide very general information on what you want to accomplish and it’s hard to see how to help you.

If you say that your user’s client is going to prepare a report that your client can see you will need;
a) a way for that client to upload the document using their own account
b) protect that document with privacy rules
c) present it to your user if

  1. the user has expressed permission to see it from the document owner and
  2. that your user is logged in and have access to a page (dashboard) in which that user can view the documents.
  3. you have a flag in your database YES/NO user access, so that the client can turn access on or off

Does this help a bit?

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Thank you @mente12,

I appreciate your feedback. I suppose the biggest challenge/decision is whether to have a sub-site for the portal, or to have a completely separate site and data call via API over to it. I have a good vision of how I will have the permissions set.

That depends if you want complete isolation between users types, however you can have two user types within the same system by creating a user roles.

For example:
In the user table you can have a field User_Type <REGULAR_USER | CLIENT_USER> then on your on boarding process you can ask for the type of user or have different entry-point pages for each type. Which was the case in one of my recent projects for a client.

Feel free to Private Message (PM) me on this.


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