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Creating "pretty" links

Any thoughts on creating a “pretty” link page.

Rather than

I would like to create and have it redirect to the above.


Really want this as well.

Haven’t dug into this yet, but if not natively provided within Bubble (haven’t come across this yet), then probably some integration via Blockspring to something like Bitly or own custom url shortener might be the way. I’m hoping not.

That’s on our list, probably a few weeks away. it’s a new feature, and indeed, not sure Blockspring can do anything with that. I wouldn’t recommend it, that’d make things slower.

Is your approach going to allow for short domains other than the app’s main domain e.g. “” for “”?

That’s not the same thing. What we’re talking about here is replacing the id=3424324324324 by a readable name.

Setting up a short domain manager is already something you can do on your own, it’s a different service.

Ok I understand what you’re working towards. I haven’t thought about my approach that deeply but, on the surface, for url handling I’ll be looking to combine url shortening with readable url’s, hence why I threw that into the conversation.

Briefly how would you approach domain shortnening within Bubble? Blockspring integration?

it’s a very different thing. In fact, if you want to use URL shortener, you don’t need to worry about have pretty links.

I haven’t explored options there, but read this article before

This one seems not bad I don’t endorse them, haven’t played with it :smile:

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Thanks for the links. I’ve used Bitly’s API in the past so I can vouch for it, but the first article you shared is helpful in laying the wider landscape for shorteners, though I’m sure that space has evolved since.

Look forward to progress on readable URLs though.

I just wanted to add that a few other apps I have been working on could benefit greatly from having the ability to create a readable URL, particularly for profile pages. For example, I claimed, which in a Bubble app would be If there was a way to replace/mask the id with another unique field attached to the thing the page is about, it would allow users to share their own profile pages more easily.

Incidentally, the best workaround idea I have come up with is to add a parameter on the homepage and a workflow to look up a thing and redirect to another page. For example, I could have, and the page can navigate to the profile page if the “u” parameter is non-empty, taking the thing with it. That looks much nicer, but still has the awkward “/?u=” part in it.

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Yes, this would be a great help to us too… any thoughts from @emmanuel or @georgeciobanu ???

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This is unfortunately a complex issue database wise.

Any update as to the creation of bubble pretty link capability?

No update


Thank you @NigelG!!!