Default bubble header login

Guys, I accidentally deleted the default header from the bubble, and can’t get it back.
Is there any project where I can copy it from in it’s entirety, together with the popups, workflows, everything?

Or may be there’s a way to move the header from one of my projects? I can’t seem to be able to just grab everything,

First take a save on your version. Then, in your versions you’ll find an option for history. There you can go back in time on your app, copy the header, come back to the last save you took and paste it in.

An easier way (sales mode activated :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) would be to use the Atomic Fusion extension to privately store some of your frequently used assets like this header and copy/paste it with workflows from your Atomic Fusion collection into any app you want any time.


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