How to reset the header that comes with bubble starter?

i made some changes and i would like to delete the header and log in so i can use the originals that bubble set up when i first start…

how can i do that ?
thank you for any info :slight_smile:

You could create a new app and copy/paste it from there.

thank you for the idea
i try that
didnt work …
maybe there is a way to know what is the name of this header and how to search for it ?

i feel like i wasted a few days …
i cant restore the things i did
cant create a new header or delete the log in and header in a way so i can make new ones by myself

the way i feel now is that if i cant delete a simple part and bring the original one that the company made for totorial is that i will come with a lot more complicated thngs if i will continue to work with bubble…


I think it’s just a lack of understanding how Bubble works.

You can copy & paste from one editor, to another. You should be able to create a new project with Bubble’s default template, and copy and paste elements from that to yours. If there are workflows (which could, not sure cause I don’t use em) just Right Click, and copy & paste WITH WORKFLOWS.

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you are probably right
something weird just happened
as i refreshed the site the sesion came back a few steps and i even got to copy the header from the new app i created

my feelings where wrong …

this is my state now’ i would like to understand what i am doing wrong as im new in this and i probably doing a newbies mistakes

i copyes the header but i dont know how to replace it as the one in my app

do i need to create a new reusable as a header ?

this is what bubble show me as error

thank you for your time , hope i can fix it and keep moving on with the app
im sure its a realy simple thing and i just dont understand it yet

Yeah. Just copy & paste on your page, then GROUP it. With that GROUP SELECTED, turn that into a RESUSEABLE ELEMENT.

Once that’s done, you should be able to delete the one on your page, then just copy the reusable over.

For the “custom state” - make sure to check if you added a state somewhere and didn’t finish filling it out.

Just click the error, and you should be able to find the element it’s on.

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i think i got it half way
i copied the 2 elements from the new app
made a reusable element in the index page
delete the old ones

still i cant make it work as the originals but at least now i got a new direction thanks to you :slight_smile: :smiley:

thanks you again
is it ok to replay to this topic again if i will not fix it or to open a new one ?

Of course. Just let me know. It’s just a matter of learning how Bubble works. It’s completely different. Took me about a week or two to just get the fundamentals down.

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