Deleting a friend

I am currently having an issue with deleting friends list. For some reason the entry in the friends list will not be removed, it remains after the delete button is pressed. I has a popup that asks the user if he wants to confirm the action of deleting that friend.

Since you’re using an intermediary popup, for the workflow that triggers showing the popup, you need to send data from the repeating group’s cell to the popup. Otherwise, it wont know which thing to reference.

(Note: this is my hunch based on the screenshots you’ve shared. If that isn’t the issue, please provide a bit more in the way of screenshots or a link to your editor).

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@dan1 is probably right. You might also wanna watch this:

Buttons on repeating groups

(Also, hi @dan1! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Also, if anyone figures out how to “delete friends”, well, I’m all ears. I have many friends in need of deletion.

@keith I think there’s an API for that :joy:

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So i followed the video and I am a lot closer, but now when Delete the user from my friends list it completely deletes the users profile!

Pass along the unique id to the popup and delete that

Remove it from the user’s friends list

You’re calling my friends “it”?

Yes: A friend would be an item in the user’s friend list

Oh boy.

Okay this has still not worked for me. I sent the unique ID but it still deletes the user completely from my database.

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