Deleting a list item with a nested list

Been stuck on this for days :sob:

I have a Database with a List of Text with in it:

I am trying to display it with nested columns:

The “Add” button opens up a popup with a multiline field and is able to take that data and save it to the list.

The “Delete” buttons are the problem. They are currently nested with in the same row as the text but the only way that I can get the text to come through is to set the Type of the Repeating Group as Text.

Because of that, when I try to add an action to a workflow to delete that item in the expectation list I am not able to choose that list item because I can only get a List of Texts:

Will add this in case it’s helpful:

Any support would be really really appreciated!

Type of content will be text and source will be parent group's text and it should work.

You are not going to make changes to a thing. You will delete a thing which is parent group's text.

Not sure what I am doing wrong here:

It doesn’t seem to be providing Parents Group as a option of a thing to delete:

Ok I see what the problem is. It is about the thing you will delete is of type text. That’s why you don’t see it as Parent group's text when you try to delete. I just did a quick test and verified that. If that would be a custom data type with a text value in it, it works as expected.

I think deleting a plain text is not happening with delete a thing action, that’s the reason. You should have access to the parent group’s competency area in someway.

What I would do is this:

  • Separate the deleting group from the actual text.
  • Make the actual text’s the same to display the text (type: text, source: current cell's text).
  • Make the delete group’s type: Competency Area and source: Parent group's competency area.
  • The delete will make a change to a thing this time, removing the current cell’s text from the parent group’s competency area’s expectations. (to make this work, you need to put the inner repeating group inside a group as well, so you can have access to this group’s competency.

See the demo below:

You can see there is a competency RG outside.

The group has these:

And then, when you delete, you will refer to the Group’s competency:

If you want to check further, here is the editor: Tests for Forum 11 | Bubble Editor

There are more than one delete buttons? I see only one delete icon.

Which is “delete expectations” group?

Are you not able to access “current cell’s text”?

I am trying to get those delete buttons to delete that specific row… I think hergin is onto something, will have to give it a try this week.

Still running into issues, I that “trashcan icon” only seems to be able to get Text and not the actual element I am needing it to get. Here is how I am now trying to set it up to try to pull it out of the repeating group set as Text:

You can see that when it gets to the button it gets mad.

Thats why, you should move the delete button to right under the repeating group directly. So you can have access to the parent group’s competency. If it is inside and in the same place as the text, it will only see the text.

Check my example more carefully and how I placed the delete button next to the group that displays the text.

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Ahh, got it, many thanks!