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I get an error like the image and can’t deploy. The message points out that there are some issues, but does not indicate any specific issues. Reloading the page doesn’t seem to change.

Your app has some bugs. You can look at what they are by clicking on the issue checker in the upper right corner, to the left of the deploy button.

I’m also facing problems deploying my version.

The weird thing is that the issue checker is not showing any issues.
In my case the deploy message tells me I have 40 pending issues, but none are showing.
I’ve tried to force the issue checker to show by creating an additional issue, it showed up, but only listed this new issue, not the other 40…


Does anyone have an ideia?


I just had same problem, two issues not listed.

Mine was on workflows. I’ll describe so maybe its something simillar to you.

It was on header element page.
I’m using a plugin called SLIDE BAR MENU.
Two commands that I provided on workflow (go to page xxxx) I didnt mentioned DATA TO SEND.
When these are missing the system indentifies but not list as things to fix.

Just got a good tip: visit all pages and all reusable elements. That probably will refresh issues list.

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